By Ann Gould

TV presenter Claudia Winkleman has problems seeing the autocue clearly without contact lenses and has decided to take the plunge and go for laser eye surgery according to reports. However a new alternative to laser eye surgery surgery is now available which does not have the associated risks. 

The Daily Mail reported that the 38-year-old host of shows such as Strictly Come Dancing and It Takes Two has such a strong prescription that she cannot see the autocue unless she is wearing contact lenses.

She has decided to consider laser eye surgery as an alternative to her contact lenses in order to have her vision corrected, before she starts filming the new series of  Film 2010 in September, when she will take over from the previous host of the show, Jonathan Ross.

"It's well-known among Claudia's friends and family that she is as blind as a bat. She's terribly squeamish about the surgery but she knows she has to do it because she complains constantly she can't read the autocue" a source told the newspaper.

However there is another alternative to laser eye surgery which Claudia could consider which is cheaper, reversible and without the same risks. It is called overnight vision  correction and involves wearing specially designed contact lenses whilst sleeping.

The corrective contact lenses reshape the cornea rather than permanently removing corneal tissue, as is the case with laser eye surgery. Overnight vision correction is a good alternative to laser eye surgery as it means you can have natural daytime vision without the hassle of contact lenses and without the risk of surgery.

Alternative to laser eye surgery: are you suitable?

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