By Nigel Little

Monovision contact lenses  can ensure the increasing population of older baby boomers are not left behind as the designers of smart phones focus on appearance and features targeted for a younger audience. As problems with reading vision progressively affect people once the pass 40, it is much harder to manage the challenge of seeing near and distant objects equally well without having reading glasses alongside ordinary glasses or contact lenses for correcting short-sightedness. Nothing demonstrates this better than when they using smart phones for email, texting or even just making a call when both the font size in the screen display and on the phone keys can be difficult to read for the over 40s.

Now monovision contact lenses  can allow short-sighted baby boomers to see clearly both near and far without needing reading aids by letting each eye do a different job - one corrected eye focusing on distant objects and one uncorrected eye being used for reading. At least Apple seem to be making some effort to help those smart phone users with reading difficulties by increasing the pixel density of the iPhone 4 Retina screen display so that it provides a much sharper and clearer image. However, the rapidly increasing trend towards viewing web content on smart phones means that significantly more text is being squeezed onto the screen and more time is being spent trying to read it.

For all smart phone users, this increased time spent staring at their phones is compounded by the time they also spend viewing computer and TV screens for work and pleasure. Since much of this screen activity is being done indoors, it means a disproportionate amount of time is being spent focusing on near objects under artificial light and not enough time on focusing on distant objects in natural light outdoors. Unsurprisingly, this is predicted to result in continuing growth of myopia - a difficulty in focusing on distant objects - which is already affecting almost 30% of people in Europe. For the short-sighted over 40s, this means that monovision contact lenses  will become an increasingly important way of dealing with the demands of modern life.

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