Glasses for children are a thing of the past

Glasses for children can be extremely problematic and finding an effective cure for childhood myopia has eluded the optical profession until now. Many techniques, such as corrective laser surgery, are unsuitable as cures for children's vision problems, which is why Ortho K overnight correction contact lenses are the ideal option for those looking for a straightforward, non-invasive way to improve eyesight and as a potential cure for childhood short-sightedness.

Glasses for children are detrimental in a number of ways.  As well as making daily life more difficult for young people, glasses also have the potential to hinder a child's development, both socially and mentally, making a cure for childhood short-sightedness even more important than a cure for adult myopia.

While glasses and contact lenses for children are available, Ortho K contact lenses are the best way of dealing with children's vision problems because they are non-invasive, only worn at night and could potentially halt short-sightedness in children, making them a cure for childhood myopia.

How do Ortho K overnight corrective contact lenses help improve eyesight in children?

Ortho K lenses are an innovative alternative to glasses for children. Unlike standard contact lenses for children, the Ortho K overnight vision correction solution modifies the angle at which light enters the eye by gently reshaping the front surface of the cornea. This means that even when the contact lenses, which are worn when sleeping, are removed they still act as an effective way to improve eyesight, for to 36 hours. In some cases the correction effect can last up to 2-3 days as Michael Davis describes when he went river rafting with his uncle in California.

This means that during the day parents do not have to worry whether their child is wearing glasses, and children are free to enjoy school and sporting activities.

Also, because Ortho K lenses reshape the wearer's eyes, they only tend to need one prescription during their lifetime, meaning children's vision problems can be dealt with into adulthood. It also means that short-sighted children who wear Ortho K overnight corrective contact lenses won't see their eyesight deteriorate over time, forcing them to replace costly prescription glasses or contact lenses many times over.

What does the SMART study mean for children who wear glasses?

The Stabilising of Myopia by Accelerated Reshaping Technique (SMART) study is a new piece of research currently underway in the US which is being funded by EyeVis Eye and Vision Research Institute. It is hoping to delve into children's vision problems and show that Ortho K overnight corrective contact lenses are an excellent cure for childhood short-sightedness.

The study, which still has three years to run, has already shown that as a way to correct eyesight Ortho K contact lenses are an exciting option. In the study's second year results, those children wearing conventional soft contact lenses saw an overall rate of increase in their prescription over the period. Whereas those children wearing Ortho K overnight corrective contact lenses found that there was no clinically significant increase in their myopia.

This means that Ortho K corrective contact lenses are not just a short-sightedness remedy, they are actually a cure for childhood myopia. The SMART study also showed that there was no evidence that Ortho K overnight contact lenses had any differential outcome over standard, soft contact lenses when it came to health and safety.


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