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Rob Miller Wasps RFC Fullback

Fullback Rob Miller explains how after losing daily contacts lenses during rugby games he made the switch to iGO overnight vision correction. Find out how it has helped improve his sports vision in Rugby.

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Ian Taplin Wasps RFC Academy Performance Manager

I have been a contact lense wearer for 20 years and in a high paced physical role with Wasps RFC working with players in professional sports this seemed to the be best option to me as wearing glasses and wrestling players or demonstrating movements was just not practical. There were still though frustrations with wearing lenses in terms of dryness ...

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Seeing underwater was a priority for teenager Henry a keen surfer and water-sports enthusiast who did not want glasses or regular contact lenses.

In that one year Henry’s eyesight had deteriorated – not by much but enough to mean he could no longer read the classroom whiteboard with ease. So, armed with his prescription we explored the options. After trying several hundred pairs of glasses, Henry decided that he was not going to look as cool as Johnny Depp.Next, contact lenses – we c...

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Adam Burgess GBR - Olympic Hopeful Canoe Slalom London 2012

Adam Burgess GBR canoe slalom athlete and London 2012 Olympic hopeful is short sighted. He switched to iGO lenses last year to help him improve his eyesight in his vision for Olympic selection Aril 2012

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Richard Beck - Leeds Carnegie RFC

"iGO lenses have had a massive effect on my Rugby career, allowing me to play without worrying about losing a contact lens and knowing I will have perfect 20/20 vision for the whole game."

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Kids contact lenses, Erin 8, wears OVC® lenses have stopped her eyesight from getting worse

I am eight years old, my prescription is -7.00 and I amazingly I can now see perfectly without contact lenses or glasses. Until two months ago I wore glasses. I started wearing them aged 2 and I have never minded wearing them, I can't do without them. The biggest problem I had was breaking them. But when my Grandma read about how iGO lenses could ...

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THomas Telford - no longer wears glasses for sport

"I never liked wearing glasses and didn't like having to carry them around with me all the time. Now it's great because I don't need anything and I don't get into trouble for breaking my glasses. Also I have now been able to go scuba diving for the first time without needing prescription goggles and I could see brilliantly underwater."

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Contact lenses for children help twins who can't wear glasses for sport

Sporty twins needed something to be done about their eyesight if they were to continue to enjoy sports at their clubs and at school. The children could not wear their glasses so contact lenses were needed. At 12 and almost teenagers it was also important to their confidence not to wear glasses.

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England Rugby Women's World Cup 2014 Winner uses iGO to helo her game

I used iGO overnight vision correction throughout the Rugby World Cup tournament. I am now able to play a rugby match knowing that my eyesight is 100% and i dont need to worry that a lens might come out during a tackle

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Ann Gould - Hayfever sufferer

I have suffered form very bad hay-fever since I was 28 and find that I don't even want to wear make up let alone contact lenses during the pollen season. In fact

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