Erin's eyesight has stopped getting worse

Erin started wearing glasses aged two. By the time she was eight her prescription had risen to -7.00D. Erin's parents were worried, as everytime they took her for an eyesight test her prescription had got worse. It was increasing at almost -1.00 dioptre per year, double the normal average.

Unfortunately, Erin has a predisposition to myopia, her mother's prescription was - 11.00D and her aunt's - 13.00D; short-sightedness is inherited. In addition, because Erin's prescription started when she was so young, she was destined to have high myopia. If Erin had not been fitted with iGO overnight lenses , the likelihood is that by the time she reaches her late teens, her prescription would be higher than her mother's.

Fortunatley, Erin's grandmother saw an article about iGO overnight vision correction in the Daily Mail - Contact Lenses at Night Boost Children's Sight, and Erin's parents decided to see if it could help her. 

She has been wearing them now for two years and in that time her prescription has stabilised and her eyesight has not got any worse.

Erin and her parents made a video for us because they felt that all parents should know about overnight vision correction and myopia control



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