Contact lenses for hay fever

Wearing contact lenses when your eyes are swollen and itchy because of hay fever allergy can be very uncomfortable. Most people switch back to their glasses during the pollen season.

Overnight contact lenses are a new type of contact lens which are perfect for hay fever sufferers. They correct your eyesight while you sleep which means you don't have to wear contact lenses or glasses during the day.

Hay fever affects your eyes more if you wear daytime contact lenses because pollen gets trapped under your lenses making your eyes even more itchy and swollen.

Whilst it is tempting, you should not rub your eyes while wearing contact lenses neither should you use antihistamine eye drops. The ingredients in anti-histamine eye drops can be absorbed by soft contact lenses causing further irritation.

Wearing overnight contact lenses will not cure hay fever symptoms but at least you will be wearing them when your eyes are shut and there is no pollen floating around. You can also use anti-histamine eye drops whenever you need to.

A final piece of advice. Wear some wrap around sunglasses when your are out-doors as these provide a good barrier to pollen. As your eyesight is already corrected you won't need to buy expensive prescription versions, you can chooses any sunglasses straight off the shelf.

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