What is an Ortho k Optician?

An Ortho K optician is someone who specialises in Ortho K or Orthokeratology which is also known as  Overnight Vision Correction or OVC, alongside other more usual areas of sight testing, spectacle dispensing and contact lenses fitting.

All iGO ortho K opticians are independent practitioners since the bespoke treatment required for ortho K overnight vision correction demands a level of clinical expertise and service capability which is frequently not available through the high street multiples. Unless an optician has been specifically trained, and is an experienced contact lens fitter with all the necessary equipment they cannot offer ortho K treatment.

iGO selects opticians based on their experience and interest in contact lens fitting. You can only get iGO OVC overnight contact lenses from an accredited iGO Ortho K optician. These opticians must have successfully completed an online training programme before they can fit iGO overnight contact lenses. 

iGO's practitioners must invest in special computerised equipment including a topographer which is used to capture a precise image of the surface of each eye based on thousands of readings taken instantaneously across the cornea. This image map is used to determine the design parameters of the customised iGO OVC contact lenses which are made in the USA. Read More About Latest Orthokeratology Research And Reviews

iGO Ortho K opticians offer a monthly iGO OVC aftercare plan to ensure you have full access to their expertise at any time should you encounter problems or simply want to raise a question with them. Through your aftercare plan, they will ensure your contact lenses are replaced at regular intervals, usually every six months and will also provide you with the recommended cleaning solution - Avizor GP Multi or Avizor EverClean - to enable you to keep your contact lenses in pristine condition.

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