Sleeping in night time contacts

iGO night time contact lenses, which are worn at night but not during the day, are the new way to correct short-sightedness. Designed specially for sleeping in, they are comfortable and you will not feel them during the night.

Night time contact lenses are only worn for six to eight hours each night compared to twelve to eighteen hours for daytime lenses so they are much healthier for the eyes. Oxygen can freely pass into the eye during the day and the eyelid can lubricate the eye normally with tears because there is no contact lens to get in the way.

Overnight contact lenses  are made from a new material by Bausch and Lomb, which is one of the highest oxygen permeable materials available for contact lenses. This makes night contact lenses a very healthy option especially for anyone who suffers from dry eyes.

iGO OVC contact lenses have been independently tested and licensed for wearing at night by the key medical bodies which govern the prescribing of medical devices. They are approved by the FDA in the USA and are CE marked for Europe. 

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