What an iGO OVC® consultation involves

The initial consultation lasts about an hour. Your iGO optician will carry out an eye test and take 3D pictures of your eyes, like the images above, using a digital corneal topographer.

These details are then sent to our laboratories in Washington and your personalised contact lenses are manufactured for you.

When your overnight contact lenses arrive a week later your iGO optician will check the lenses on your eyes and show you how to insert, remove and care for them.

There are  follow-up appointments to check that your overnight lenses are fitting correctly, your vision is fully corrected and stable for at least 24 hours and that you are comfortable using your overnight lenses.

In just one night around 70% vision improvement is achieved. So an average prescription of -3.00D would reduce to approximately -0.90D - which is within the legal driving limit. For higher prescriptions low power soft lenses will be supplied to ensure you have good functioning vision during this first week.

Your iGO lenses will give at least 36 hours of full vision correction. The lenses are designed to over correct your sight - at the beginning of the day you will have better than 20:20 vision! This ensures that your vision will not fade at the end of the day if you wear them every night as prescribed.

If you forget to insert your lenses at night you should have good natural vision until lunchtime the following day. After this you vision will start to fade but it will still be better than usual. If you need to, you can simply re-insert your lenses during the day and you will then see perfectly.

Because overnight vision correction is an ongoing treatment there is a continuing aftercare programme which includes eyecare checks and replacement contact lenses.


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