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Ann Gould - Hayfever sufferer

" I have suffered form very bad hay-fever since I was 28 and find that I don't even want to wear make up let alone contact lenses during the pollen season. In fact what I really wanted to do was sit in a dark corner with a bag over my head.Two things have helped me - Immunotherapy and being fitted with i-GO contact lenses.

I changed from normal soft contact lenses last June to i-GO lenses after reading an article in the Daily Mail. It sounded like a good idea to me to wear contact lenses while sleeping when my eyes were less irritated. It also meant I could use antihistamine eye drops as and when I needed to. I feel much more comfortable now because when your eyes hurt you it is hard to concentrate and my work really suffered. 

Now I don't have the aggravation of changing back to glasses every summer - a time when you really want to look your best. Holidays were a real problem making sure I had prescription sunglasses and glasses always to hand. My vision is suprisingly good. In fact my initial idea was only to wear the i-GO lenses during the pollen season but I love them so much and it now seems ludicrious to wear contact lenses during the day when you dont have to. I would also recommend immunotheraphy to anyone if they suffer badly from hayfever like me - check it out."


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