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Rob Miller Wasps RFC Fullback

"During the previous 6 years of wearing daily contact lenses, it was inevitable that during training or a game, one would fall out and I would have to stop and replace it! This was becoming a frustration for me and I had to make sure that the physios were always carrying spares.


I looked into some other methods of vision correction but when chatting with a friend and colleague at Wasps RFC (Ian Taplin), he made me aware of iGO lenses . In all honesty, when he explained the concept I was relatively sceptical, the idea of putting lenses in to sleep in and then waking up with corrected vision sounded too good to be true - but I was willing to give it a try.

From the first night of wearing them my vision was corrected and I could see just as well (if not better!) lens free than when I was wearing dailys. I'm happy I have now found a method that's hassle free and has brilliant results. The simplicity of the process means I have less things to worry about before and during training and games.

I would highly recommend iGO to both active people or people who are looking for an alternative vision correction option without having to wear glasses."

Rob Miller Fullback, Wasps RFC  

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