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Jonathan Newman - 16, Student

I am a student of age 16, and up until about two months ago, I found that reading the board from the back of the class was impossible without the aid of glasses. My prescription wasn't so bad that I felt it necessary to wear my glasses all the time, (in fact - hardly ever) however, it was so much so, that I had to wear glasses in class. I was again...

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Felicity Edwards - Research Scientist, Pinner

Felicity Edwards aged 24, from Pinner Middlesex, and works as a Research Scientist. “I currently wear i-GO overnight vision correction lenses– and I certainly would never go back to wearing everyday contact lenses! I was diagnosed as being short sighted age 14 and prior to learning about the benefits of wearing overnight vision correcti...

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Carima Andrady - Research Assistant, Middlesex

Carima Andrady, aged 24, from Middlesex, and currently works as a Research Assistant. “I’ve been wearing i-GO overnight vision correction lenses for the past six months. I have suffered from being short-sighted since I was 14 years of age, and prior to learning about the benefits i-GO lenses from a colleague at work, I have tried a vari...

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Malcolm Hughes - Chairman and Runner with Reading Problems

"I suffered from dry itchy eyes from staring at computer screens all day until I discovered night vision correction contact lenses. It had become such a problem that I even attended a consultation for eye laser surgery. But the risks worried me and so I was resigned to putting up with sore eyes. Then around five years ago presbyopia kicked in and I...

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Hannah O'Neil - Account Executive, London

Hannah O’Neill, 28 years of age and lives in London with her husband I’ve been wearing i-GO overnight vision correction lenses for the past three months – and they have without a doubt changed my life. Prior to learning about the benefits I-GO overnight vision correction lenses, I used to regularly switch between wearing disposable co...

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Jennifer Golden - CEO and Slalom Waterskier

When I first heard about vision correction contact lenses through a friend who had just started using them, it sounded amazing but too good to be true. I didn’t really think they were designed for someone like me as I tended to wander around without glasses or daytime contacts (my prescription is -2.0D) and would only wear glasses if necessary at...

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