By Nigel Little 

Contact lenses for hay fever  worn only overnight while sleeping can ensure short-sighted sports stars are not forced to play on in discomfort when the pollen count is high. The lenses gently flatten the cornea during sleep thereby correcting the focusing distance and providing natural daytime vision after the lenses are removed in the morning. Mario Balotelli, Manchester City's star forward suffered a bad hay fever reaction to the type of grass on Dianmo Kiev's pitch during last Thursday's Europa League encounter and in doing so, highlighted a problem which affects a number of top sports stars. At half-time he was afflicted by such a severe allergic reaction resulting in swelling around his eyes and mouth which eventually required him to be substituted 15 minutes into the second half.

Athlete Marlon Devonish, 33, has also had to learn to manage severe hay fever. As one of Britain's most successful sportsmen who was part of Britain's Olympic gold medal-winning relay team at Athens in 2004 and who received an MBE for his contribution to British sport Marlon says: "it's something I've had to deal with since childhood. It runs in the family." Around 20% of Britons have hay fever and have to endure seasonal bouts of sniffing and sneezing. However, Marlon has gold medals that depend on his physical condition, especially in the summer racing season when the pollen count peaks. At such times, sports participants who are also daytime contact lens wearers suffer especially badly having to contend with irritated and itchy eyes. Hence why overnight ortho-k contact lenses for hay fever  are especially beneficial.

Golf is another leading sport where top competitors have continued to perform well despite suffering from hay fever, with Arnold Palmer - golf's first superstar - a well-known sufferer. Palmer popularised a particular nasal spray which he used to provide relief while he played and other top golfers have resorted to the same relief to mitigate the debilitating symptoms. Another top golfer who suffers from hay fever is British star Ian Poulter who revealed last week on Twitter that he is allergic to several different types of grass - quite a handicap for the man ranked 13th in the latest world rankings. Poulter also chose laser surgery to correct his eyesight rather than be required to wear contact lenses during play - he obviously didn't know there was a non-surgical alternative with overnight ortho-k contact lenses for hay fever .

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