Patrick Barkham of the Guardian was amazed to hear about new contact lenses that correct your vision while you sleep, leaving you lens free all day. So he decide to give them a go

" I can see the attraction: it was wonderful to hurl myself into the ocean and not worry about contact lenses, do away with the dryness and red eyes from wearing ordinary contact lenses all and nice not to worry about treading on or loosing my glasses again"  


.... If you have ever worn contact lenses, the idea of wearing them to sleep in is not just revolutionary, it is repulsive. Ask any contact-lens wearer who has woken from a boozy night out to find their eyelids gummed up and lenses screaming to be removed from bloodshot eyes.

But i-GO lenses are deliberately popped in at night, and removed in the morning. A new generation of gas-permeable lens, they allow oxygen into your eyes during wear, preventing your eyes from becoming dry and sore. Crucially, however, they encourage movement of cells in the epithelium, the top level of your cornea, from the centre of your eye to the periphery. These cells are gently shifted by the fluid - the tear film - between contact lens and cornea, temporarily creating a new structure to the eye.

This "overnight vision correction" treatment is called orthokeratology and the lenses are now available in ordinary opticians in major cities across England. It sounds amazing, and means you can see during the day without the need for glasses, contact lenses or laser surgery. Read more.... 

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