By Jacqui Mayhew 

Ortho-k opticians  are still a rare breed across the country and so far too many consumers remain blissfully unaware of the magic of Overnight Vision Correction for treating short-sightedness which only ortho-k opticians can deliver. The magic is less to do with sleight of hand and more to do with the long established optical science of orthokeratology which has only comparatively recently become a viable commercial proposition. But what do these terms actually mean? Well, ortho-k is simply the abbreviated version of orthokeratology whilst Overnight Vision Correction is the more friendly term for explaining what it actually is - a way of correcting short-sightedness while an individual is asleep and hence the magic.

Traditionally, short-sighted people have a choice between wearing glasses and daytime contact lenses or undergoing laser surgery to correct their vision. However, whilst many people are attracted by the promise of enjoying perfect natural daytime vision after laser surgery, they remain wary of the possible risks and side effects which may arise even though the procedure is now a well established treatment. Hence they stay with glasses or daytime contact lenses but neither option is good for sports participants - especially those involved in water-based or contact activities - and daytime contact lens wear is increasingly linked to dry eye as people spend too much time indoors in air-conditioned environments staring at screens. So this is where ortho-k opticians  get the chance to show off the magic of Overnight Vision Correction.

Orthokeratology involves wearing small custom-designed lenses at night - only while sleeping - which gently flatten the surface of the eye under the mild pressure of closed eyelids. By doing so, the lenses ensure that the focusing distance between the front of the eye and the retina at the back of the eye is corrected such that light can focus directly on to the retina rather than in front of it causing blurry vision. When the lenses are removed each morning, the wearer has perfect natural vision which - because the eye retains the corrected shape of over 24 hours - lasts all day long until the lenses are reinserted at night. So ortho-k opticians  can really do magic by giving their patients all the benefits of laser surgery - but without the surgery!

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