By Michael Hutton 

Monovision contact lenses  which are only worn overnight while sleeping can alleviate middle-aged appearance worries which, according to a new survey from Taiwan, are mostly related to evidence that their eyesight is failing. The need for reading glasses to cope with the onset of presbyopia which affects virtually everyone as they enter their late 40's together with the problems of worsening short-sight bother the Taiwanese baby boomers much more than greying hair or wrinkling skin. Anxiety, depression, headaches and insomnia were all cited by some 30% of the 200 survey respondents aged between 35 and 54 who had recently attended an eyecare consultation due to concerns over their failing eyesight.

For many of these respondents, there is a high level of concern that wearing glasses would affect their appearance and make them look older. As a result, some simply refuse to wear glasses and 50% of the respondents said they also gave up reading other than for the most critical of tasks. The survey was released by the Cardinal Tien Hospital in Hsintien where Tom Yang, a consultant psychiatrist explained that many of the hospital's ophthalmology patients also consult psychiatrists as they are over-sensitive about their health and very worried about showing the symptoms of premature aging. Now with ortho-k monovision contact lenses  worn only while sleeping, there is a way of correcting failing middle-aged eyesight so that people can enjoy natural daytime vision without glasses or conventional contact lenses.

Monovision contact lenses  can provide all of the benefits of laser surgery in terms of clear and unaided daytime vision but without any surgery using the long-established and clinically proven science of orthokeratology or ortho-k. Ortho-k corrects short-sight through wearing small custom-designed contact lenses only while sleeping. Overnight, the lenses gently flatten the surface of the eye thereby correcting the focusing distance and providing sharp vision after the lenses are removed in the morning. For monovision, only one lens is worn overnight - typically in the dominant eye - and this eye does the work of seeing distant objects clearly whilst the uncorrected eye does the near work such as reading. So the Taiwanese baby boomers no longer need to trouble the psychiatrist when their eyesight starts to falter!

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