Monovision Contact Lenses And Regular Sight Checks Can Ensure Older Drivers Are Safe On The Road 

By Nigel Little

Monovision contact lenses  worn only while sleeping combined with regular eyesight checks can ensure short-sighted drivers who suffer deteriorating eyesight as they get older can continue driving safely. This message is being emphasised by Meg Munn, Labour MP for Sheffield Heeley whose constituent Joy Barnes lost her niece Fiona after an 87 year-old with impaired vision drove straight into her as she crossed the road. Police officers tested the driver's eyesight and he could not read a car number plate from the required distance of 20.5 metres. He was later found to have cataracts in both eyes which had probably been there for 18 months.

Current driving test regulations have barely changed since the 1930s despite increased numbers of vehicles on the roads, developments in road safety standards and clinical technology. Following their original test, drivers of cars, small vans and motorbikes do not have to take any form of eye test to keep their licence for the rest of their life. At age 70, drivers are asked to confirm they have acceptable vision to renew their licence but are not required to prove this. Many older drivers are reluctant to admit to worsening eyesight yet there are now many new ways of correcting vision such as overnight ortho-k monovision contact lenses  which are particularly suited to short-sighted drivers who are also experiencing difficulties reading, a common problem for the over 40's age group.

Research shows that one in six drivers cannot see well enough to pass a very basic eyesight test. Unsurprisingly, this has led to calls from various organisations for the Government to recognise that good eyesight is a fundamental safety requirement and to introduce a scientifically recognised method for testing eyesight which replaces the number-plate tests. Meg Munn also proposes that at least every 10 years coinciding with renewal of their photo ID licence, drivers should have to provide proof that they have had their eyes tested by a medical professional, and that they meet minimum standards for visual acuity and visual field on a regular basis. Monovision contact lenses  offer older drivers a new treatment for short-sighted combined with reading difficulties.

Check if you are suitable for overnight ortho-k corrective contact lenses  for monovision.

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