By Jacqui Mayhew 

Overnight vision correction  is a unique new treatment for short-sightedness which involves wearing small custom-designed lenses only while sleeping. After the lenses are removed each morning, the wearer enjoys perfect natural vision which lasts all day long until the lenses are reinserted before going to bed. For many adult drivers who are reluctant to admit or accept that their vision has deteriorated - often because they do not want to wear glasses or daytime contact lenses - this new treatment could offer a perfect solution. And a timely one too since a recent study identified over 2,000 drivers were involved in road crashes due to poor vision leading to almost 3,000 casualties.

Leading UK insurer RSA launched a ‘Fit To Drive Campaign' in 2011 in recognition of this major problem given that the road accidents occurring due to poor driver vision represent a total cost in excess of £30m due to medical care, vehicle damage and compensation. A key campaign objective is to achieve a substantial increase in the numbers of adults who attend an optician for a sight check every 2 years. The numbers of people with sight loss is projected to double over the next 30 years yet some 50% of this sight loss is preventable, getting adults checked out regularly and informing them about available treatments like overnight vision correction  can have a major positive impact.

In the UK, adult drivers do not need to prove they meet legally required eyesight standards other than demonstrating they can read a number plate correctly from a distance of 20 metres at the start of their practical driving test. When renewing their driving licence at 70 they are asked to self-certify that they are fit to drive. Hence organisations like RSA - backed by key bodies like the Optical Confederation - are promoting the need to enforce more regular eyesight checks for drivers. And with treatments like overnight vision correction  which offers all the benefits of laser surgery but without the surgery, adult drivers can correct their poor vision in a way which does not impact on their daily lifestyle.


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